Thursday, January 28, 2010

Forest Walk

Forest Walk

Last Saturday we had a fascinating walk in the forest in the company of five visitors . We discussed on the route to follow ,passed by the education center, the orientation banda and into the thick forest .

At the African Crowned Eagle ’s nest, there was a new owner, i had earlier noted that the eagles had vacated their nest after being there for over six years,the nest is now home for the African white backed vultures .


The african white backed vultures at the nest site

We then took a narrow path that leads to the picnic site where we stood for some time as the visitors discussed with the Project Coordinator ,one would not fail to notice the Eurasian bee eaters hovering up and down.


Visitors at the proposed picnic site

The route towards the seasonal river was very sloppy and crossing the river we found two astray dogs lying at the road side. They seemed too full and satisfied, probably they are part of the predator on the small wild mammals living in the forest.


The astray dogs

The glade opposite Racecourse dam was very different from the others as a result of the fire outbreak during the dry spell.

” It was a wonderful experience,walking under the dense forest canopy, the breeze and quiet enviroment,learning more on the forest and the many birds, it will keep us coming back, said one of the visitors as we took a shorter route to the parking area.

Ngong Road Forest is protected through donations from friends and well wishers, join us by donating towards protection of this adorable forest.

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